Where does your meat come from?

We use only the leanest quality topside beef we can find! We hand trim all the fat off so you get only the best jerky! All of our products are made on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia from the most finest premium grade beef and pork that Australia has to offer. We take pride in our products and we only source quality meat from local QLD suppliers, We support our local economy.

What is the difference between Biltong and Jerky?

Traditionally, Biltong is South African and is made softer in the middle as the product dries from the outside in, leaving the centre moist and juicy. In comparison, Grobnik’s Jerky is hand sliced into thin slabs before the drying process begins. This results in a chewier, harder product which is not wet like Biltong.

All our Jerky is marinated over 24 hours in Grobnik’s secret home style marinade with a distinctive texture, dry as you start to chew then quickly becoming softer where you’ll then realise Grobnik’s signature taste that can’t be beat!

Our jerky is high in protein, low in fat and sugars, meaning it is a great healthy snack for all occasions… But like any great food it’s best to enjoy in moderation.